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Lock System - Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

  • MK114-21 Bullet Brass Cam Lock

    China Bullet Cam Lock Manufacturer: Bullet Brass Cam Locks, Convenient to handle, for AD Showcase, Coin-op, Vehicle, Mail & Tools Box, Furniture etc. Specifications: • Material: brass. • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated. • Key combination: over 10,000. Specialty: 1. Top security dimple key system. 2. Convenient to handle. 3. Customer-oriented development available. Application: Terminal equipment, electronic/metal/wooden cabinet, pay phone, underground strobe, ATM, enclosure, stander, kiosk, vending/game machine, safety box, locker, letter box, postal box, coffer, AD showcase, coin-op, vehicle, mail box & tools box, furniture etc.

  • Solid T-handle Vending Lock

    China Solid T-handle Vending Lock Supplier: Steel Solid T-handle Vending Locks, Anti-drill Ball Inside for Drill Protection, with Disc Tumbler Plug. Specifications: Material: zinc alloy, steel. Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated. Key combination: over 10,000. Specialty: 1. According to different security purpose, there are optional plunger with tubular key, dimple key and disc tumbler system. 2. Solid T-handle with anti-drill ball inside for drill protection. 3. Include a high security disc tumbler plug. 4. Customer-oriented development available. Application: Vending/game machine, ATM, Automatic Water Machine, Automatic Book Machine, Automatic CD Machine, intelligent terminal, electrical equipment, etc.

  • MK500 Tubular Push Lock

    China Tubular Push Lock Manufacturer: Tubular Locks, Tubular Push Locks, Zinc Alloy, Bright Chrome Finished, Adjustable Spindle Size, 7 Pins, 10 Pins. Specifications: • Material: zinc alloy. • Finished: bright chrome. • Key combination: over 10,000. Specialty: 1. Spindle size adjustable. 2. Safety push lock with anti-drill ball. 3. 7 pins or 10 pins available. 4. Master key system available. 5. Customer-oriented development available. Application: Terminal equipment, metal/wooden cabinet, underground strobe, vending/game machine, safety box, AD showcase, vehicle, street kiosk, server, locker, coffer, tool box, mail box, transport container, rifles outboard engine, trailer, train, automobile, boat, parking meter, etc.

  • MK812 Keyed Computer Lock Kit

    China Computer Lock Kit Manufacturer: Brass Keyed Computer Lock Kits, Steel Cable With Pvc Coated, According To Customers Requested, Rohs Compliance. Feature: 1. Brass padlock, RoHS compliance. 2. L1.8m*D6mm steel cable with PVC coated anchors your computer to a immovable object. 3. Attached the security slot clipfor protecting your computer, monitor & peripherals. 4. Accessory: According to customers requested. 5. Different color of cable & length of cable available. Application: Computer, notebook, laptop, ipad, monitor, printer, projector etc.

  • MK407-6 Quarter Turn Latch

    China Quarter Turn Latch Supplier: Hex Shape Key Quarter Turn Latches, Other Key Types Available, Shiny Chrome, Nickel Plated Surface, Easy Install. Specifications: • Material: zinc alloy. • Finished: shiny chrome, nickel plated. Specialty: 1. Hex shape key and other key type available. 2. Function length “H” Customized. 3. Easy to install and use convenient. Application: Electrical equipment, machine and equipment, switchgear box, electrical/metal/wooden cabinet, underground strobe, train, showcase, street kiosk, server, locker, etc.

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